“To be the leader in the sector in which we operate by continuously raising customer satisfaction.”

– To be a pioneer in the machining sector with its innovative, researcher, developer and perfectionist management policy in every field from production to human resources, customer relations to market expectations, from sub-industry to technological developments, systematic studies focused on customer satisfaction.

– In line with the changing demands in the world market, to create value for our customers, to respond to expectations with quality and stability, to become a symbol of trust and branding with this understanding.

– Contribute to the national economy by creating more jobs day by day and accelerate social development.


“To achieve sustainable growth with our customers and employees. ”

– To keep the quality and production standards at the highest level by adopting innovation in order to meet the increasing and changing customer expectations.


Providing Growth, Profitability, Productivity and Income Growth;

  • Based on goodwill, honesty and sincerity in all our relations,
  • To be ethical,
  • To be knowledgeable about
  • To give the customer the required information and product in a timely manner,
  • To fulfill the information, product and service that the customer needs at the promised time


With our expert staff and advanced technology, our company has adopted to work to meet all the expectations of our customers in the shortest time and in the best way.

Goodvalf has adopted a customer-oriented approach by combining quality products and services with timely delivery criteria.

  • We keep our promise to the customer above everything.
  • We think beyond the borders and turn to new initiatives.
  • We add value to the products we offer.
  • We take care to do the right job at the right time.
  • We take our production risks and act with confidence.
  • We care about choosing the right staff and partner.

GOODVALF VANA MAKİNA MÜHENDİSLİK İNŞAAT SANAYİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ;  ‘’Manufacture of Various Fittings for Valves, Fittings and Other Industries,

main principles of Quality Policy have been determined in line with the basic practices in our quality management system, which enable this understanding to become a competitive power.

  • To make production in European and World standards,
    Applying the quality system in place; adopting the philosophy of not producing faulty parts and carrying out high-efficiency production that will lead all production processes to “zero defect” target,
  • To work in full harmony and cooperation with our customers to identify the needs and expectations of the customer, to offer solutions, to fulfill,
    To reduce our costs by increasing production efficiency and to reflect this to our customers,
    To work by taking data-based decisions in all processes, to follow and apply new technologies and quality techniques for continuous improvement,
  • To be responsible for quality with all our employees as a team,
  • To increase our production skills and technical competencies through continuous training,
  • To ensure that our suppliers always take part in our quality improvement process through training and supervision in line with the understanding of geliştirmek Developing, developing olarak as an integral part of our quality organization.


  • To determine customer satisfaction as 95%
  • To be open to corporate and technological innovations and to reduce our costs by 5% with continuous innovations and improvements.
    Paying attention to personnel training, determining annual training as 20 hours / year
  • To achieve 100% rate of compliance with legal regulations in 2019-2020
  • To ensure that the number of days without accidents is 365 days.
  • To ensure 100% satisfaction of the personnel in the safe working environment
    Working with at least 3 suppliers in all purchasing groups
    Reduce unit costs by 5%
  • To reduce the amount of unsuitable products to less than 1%
  • Our company increased its turnover of 2018 by 15% compared to 2017 and achieved a stable growth in the sector. We aim to increase our turnover in 2018 by 25% in line with the 2019 targets.